Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Kendrapara


Pace setting


1. Computer Literacy Programme

(a) The facility of existing computers of our Vidyalaya will be extended to students of neighbouring schools to have basic knowledge in computer.

(b)The students from neighbouring schools are to be invited for demonstration of functioning of Internet and Hi-Tech Educational tools through multi media.


2. Adoptaion of Local Village

Adoptaion of a neighbouring village will be undertaken to bring awareness  among public with regard to

(a) Health & Hygiene:- The staff nurse along with Vidyalaya Doctor will visit the neighbouring village to create awareness among people and  enlighten them regarding general health, precautions for common diseases  and also in keeping the environment clean through proper sanitation .

(b) Under population and development educational, team of teachers along with students will visit the local villages to create awareness among the people regarding problems and ill effects of over population.

The team of teachers along with students will also enlighten the local village people about the ill effects of superstitions and other unscientific beliefs.


3. Guest Lecturers

Guest lecturers, guest teachers and scholars among parents in this Vidyalaya will be invited to enlighten staff, students of our Vidyalaya and students of neighbouring schools in various academic and non-academic fields on various occasions. It may be taken up at least once in month.


(a) Hindi Fortnight Celebration

Hindi Pahkwada celebrated in the Vidyalaya from 14 to 27 September every year. Hindi lecturers, teachers and scholars are invited to the Vidyalaya on this occasion during at this period. Various Inter-House and Inter- School competitions are conducted as part of celebration. The Vidyalaya is decorated with the portraits of Hindi poets and writers who contributed for the growth of Hindi literature.


(b) National Book Week Celebration

National Book Week will be celebrated in a befitting manner. Resource persons and well known writers will be invited during the week to address the students. Book reviews, Books exhibition etc. will mark the celebrations. Mobile library will be formed and neighbouring schools will be visited to inculcate book reading habits among the students of JNV and the neighbouring schools.


(c) Extending Vidyalaya Facilities to Neighbouring Institutions

The Vidyalaya facilities like play ground ,Laboratories and Library will be provided to neighbouring needy institutions. The facilities of play ground will be provided for local sports persons for practice and also for conduct of sports meet by nearby institutions. Sports persons of neighbouring schools will be given training and practice under the guidance of our Physical Education Teachers. The facilities of laboratories and library can also be provided on the same lines.


(d) Extending Faculty Service

The teaching faculty will also be extending their services to the neighbouring schools when ever required by them.


4. Mobile Library

Our rich collection of journals, Books, News Papers and other magazines will be made available to the local school students through mobile library. Under this activity books will be taken to the local school by Vidyalaya Van along with a team of students and librarian. This will help in extending our library facilities to the neighbouring schools.