JNV Kendrapara


1      Year of Establishment                                -   1997

2 (i)  Complete address of the Vidyalaya with

        Pin code                                                   -        At/Po: Baro

                                                                                Dist: Kendrapara(Orissa)

                                                                                Pin: 754251


   (ii) Telegraphic Address                                   -      (06727) 274801  


   (iii) Telephone No, Fax No, with STD code         -      (06727) 274768


   (iv) E-mail ID                                                   -       jnvkendrapara@gmail.com


   (v)  Website                                                    -       www.jnvkendrapara.nic.in



3 (i)  Name of the Principal                                  -    Mr S. K. Dash


   (ii) Name of the Vice Principal                          -   Mr J.R.Nayak


4      Name of the Chairman, VMC, with complete postal address with PIN code Telephone No, Fax No, E-mail address and etc.   - Shri Reghu G  , IAS , Collector Cum District Magistrate , Kendrapara, 

Telephone No : 06727-232602 (Office)

Email : dm-kendrapara@nic.in


5      Geographical Location of the Vidyalaya                                


   (i)  Name of District Head Quarter & its distance from the Vidyalaya        -           Kendrapara, 10 km.

   (ii) Climate condition of the District                                -    Temperate


   (iii) Name of nearest Railway station and its distance

from the Vidyalaya  -           Cuttack, 65 Km


   (iv) Name of the nearest Bus Stand and its distance from the Vidyalaya   -           Kendrapara Bus Stand

                                                                                                 10 km

   (v)  Name of the nearest Air port and its distance from the Vidyalaya        -           Bhubaneswar

                                                                                                 93 km

   (vi) Name of the Nearest Police Station and its distance from the Vidyalaya (please indicate the telephone no.)  -Kendrapara police station      -  ph-06727232222                                                                                           -    10 km

   (vii)  Name the nearest Hospital and its distance from the Vidyalaya (please indicate the telephone no.) PH NO-06712334820      -    Dist. H.O. Hospital, Kendrapara, 10 Km

   (viii) Mode of Transport facility available to reach the Vidyalaya and its frequency                                                                              -    Bus

                                                                                            -    Minimum 2 Buses in an hour.

   (ix) Name of the nearest JNV and its distance from the Vidyalaya   -    JNV Jagatsinghpur

                                                                                            -    64 km

   (x) Shortest route for reaching the Vidyalaya from Regional Office: (in Kms)                      

        (a) By Rail                                                 -    a) Bhopal -Bilaspur- Bhubaneswar

                                                                        -        1355 km.

        (b) By Road                                              -    b) Bhubaneswar-Kendrapara, 85 km


        (c) By Air                                                                   -Bhopal-Delhi-BBSR   

   (xi)  Shortest route for reaching the Vidyalaya from NVS (HQrs.) Delhi (in Kms)                                                                                      

        (a) By Rail                                                                     -    a) New Delhi - Bhubaneswar

                                                                                            -        1804 km

        (b) By Road                                                                   -    b) Bhubaneswar - Konark, 70 km


        (c) By Air                                                                     -Delhi-BBSR  




6   Highest Class - XII Science
7   Stream strength of students  - Stream XI XII
      Science 45 45


31.a. Name of the Cluster under which the Vidyalaya falls - JNV Cuttack
     b. Name of the Cluster In-charge with address -

Mrs P. Pradhan




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