JNV Kendrapara


Staff Strength:

The Vidyalaya has full strength of teaching Staff in all subjects. The teacher is to student ratio is less than 1 : 20 .

The faculty includes 1 Vice-Principal, 7 PGTs, 10 TGTs, 5 Creative teachers. Few posts among these are lying Vacant for which  contract  engagements are made. I feel proud that one of our teachers namely Sri Prithiviraj Panda, Music Teacher has been awarded with ‘Jayadev National Award’.  Recently very popular CD Bhajan Cassette namely ‘Mahasnan’ has acclaimed great popularity in nook and corner of Orissa.  Many popular Modern Songs and Oriya Bhajan Albums have touched the heart of the people of Orissa.  It is proud privilege to announce that Sri Fakir Charan Nayak, PGT Hindi of this Vidyalaya was awarded with Utkal Jyoti Sanman for his Poetic creation   with artistic flavor, poetic ingenuity and literary appreciation by State Council for Artistic and Training (SCART), Orissa.

In the administrative side we have one Office Superintendent, two LDCs, one store keeper, one Catering Assistance, one Staff Nurse & six supporting staff.





1.           Mr S.K.Dash                                                        PRINCIPAL

2.           Mrs.J.R.Naik                                                     VICE PRINCIPAL

3.           Mr. B.Verma                                                       PGT(BIO)

4.           Mr  N.K.Dhurve                                                   PGT(C.S)

5.           Mr.R.H.Shial                                                       PGT(MATH)

6.           Ms. Babita Nanda                                               PGT (ENG)

7.           Mr. S.Rath                                                        PGT (GEO.)

8.           Mrs. S. DAS                                                      PGT (CHEM)

9.           Mr.Vivek Tiwari                                                  PGT(PHY)

10.       Ms.S.SAMANTRAY                                              TGT(ORIYA)

11.       Mr.D.K.MOHANTY                                              TGT(ORIYA)

12.       Mr.Bindu Smita                                                TGT(S.SC)

13.       Mr.R.K.SAHOO                                                   TGT(MATH)

14.       Mrs. M. PANDA                                                  TGT(MATH)

15.       Mrs.M. NATHSHARMA                                         TGT(Sc.)

16.       Mr L.S.Yadav                                                     TGT(HINDI)

17.        Mr.Gopal Patidar                                                TGT(HINDI)

18.       Mr.S.Dalbehura                                                TGT (ENG)

19.       Mr.R.S.Chaudhary                                              TGT (ENG)

20.       Mr.A.Pattnaik                                                    LIBRARIAN

21.       Mr.S.Mallick                                                       MUSIC TEACHER

22.       Mr.S.C.Sutar                                                      ART TEACHER

23.       Mr.A.K.JENA                                                      PET

24.       Mrs.S.B.DAS                                                      PET

25.       Mr.S. LENKA                                                      OS

26.       Mrs.J.SAHOO                                                     STAFF NURSE

27.       Mr.R.K.GUPTA                                                    CAT.ASST.

28.       Mr.A.K.JENA                                                      LDC

29.       Mr.A.Sharma                                                    STORE KEEPER

30.       Mr.P.K.NAIK                                                      LDC

31.       Mr.R.SETHI                                                       DRIVER

32.       Mr.N.M.BARIK                                                    COOK

33.       Mr. G. BARIK                                                     CHOWKIDAR

34.       Mr.Dillip                                                           MESS HELPER

35.       Mr.J.N.DAS                                                       MESS HELPER

36.       Mr.S.K.MOHANTY                                               LAB.ATTEN.

37.       Mr.P.K.LENKA                                                    ELECT – CUM –PLUMBER

38.       Mr.C.BEHERA                                                     SWEEPER-CUM-CHOW.

39.       Mr.J.MAJHI                                                        SWEEPER-CUM-CHOW.